Few weeks ago I was contacted by an editor to write a book about Hand Lettering. And while writing a chapter I had to show several possibilities to write the word "Lettering". So I took it just as a logo project, same process, and tried different directions, staying a minimum between brush and script lettering. Here are a few sketches about that first phase.
Then, I chose the style I wanted to push a bit further and copied it several times, changing a few things here and there to try different alternatives for a few letters.
After finding my "word", I studied it another time to adjust a few things. French tiny notes here :-)
Then, I finally vectorized it with a minimum ancher points and on a colored background to check different kinds of contrast.
The book should be out fall 2017 but I will upload some teasers here sometimes when I think they can be of any interest for you :-) Cheers.
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